Anonymous asked:
how did you start the austin and ally gate


have you not heard the story i??


okay sit down children as i tell you the thrilling tale of the austin and ally gate in 2013


it was a bitter night in the big brother 15 fandom, fights and racism and bigotry was at a high at this time of month and there was nothing we could do to solve it. 

we had nowhere to go, the live feeds weren’t much a help. it was just bed gates and wine gates and idiots ruling the fucking house. we were at a loss. starving, dehydrated, thirsty for anything.

sometimes i still have-


war flashbacks

anyways - we had nothing else for us. to take it out we began laughing at anything that wasn’t big brother 15 (mind you bigotry EVERWHERE)

and i just so carelessly posted “lol austin and ally actually has a fandom on tumblr guys”

oh how i was wrong to do so

fights broke out, war was declared, mothers cried, child died, police ate donuts in complete confusion as the out break on tumblr, and everything was at stake. we had to fight and fight to show our victory as the united big brother 15 fandom of 2013. we had nothing else going for us so we gave it our all

the most famous quote from the battle was from the opposing side and i quote this word by word

big brother from another mother

most of us have yet to recover from this battle, we still have nightmares upon it and sometimes we wonder if it was even real

 but it was anon, oh it was

thank you for gathering with me on our thrilling story time


next time we will be discussing aaryn drinking nail polish remover


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the bb15 fandom should go to vegas

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see you next season



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